Studio Booking Policy

Students wishing to book the JU Recording Studio need to be approved by Dr. Mark Snyder. Upon training and approval, Dr. Snyder will forward their names to Music Division Office Manager Debbie Hyatt and Campus Security.

After students are qualified to book the studio, the process is as follows:
Click the link for 25 Live Scheduling Calendar which can be found at in the center column if you’re using a laptop. Technically, you’re booking the blackbox theater in 25live. It’s under fine*19 or just search for blackbox. Once you’ve checked to make sure nothing is booked during the time you want, email Dr. (Mark) Snyder as many days in advance of booking as possible. This insures that no maintenance will be occurring and that studio equipment will not be used in a location other than the studio at that time. I will try to accommodate impromptu recording sessions as much as possible but it’s not always easy. Your email should clearly state the dates in the subject field, dates and times in the body of the email along with project, participants and equipment that will be used. Here is a PDF example of what your email should include. 

Once Approved by Dr. Snyder, it will be booked on 25 Live and you will be forwarded a confirmation email.

While it is possible for students to use the control room when the Black Box Theater is in use, it is discouraged because of possible disruptions for those using the Black Box Theater.

Failure to follow this procedure or good studio practices will result in the loss of studio privileges for the student. Dr. Snyder can revoke studio privileges at any time and for any reason.